Jobs Within 60 Days or we'll refund your money PLUS $50 extra!*

No other resume writing service on EARTH is willing to put their money where their pen is! If you are not HIRED within 60 days of receiving your new resume, we'll refund your money, PAY you $50*, AND continue to help you find work at your request!

We can post YOUR
new resume online!

Use the "HTML Posting" feature on our order form to have your new resume become a true e-resume!

This site features dozens of FREE articles about resume writing, job searching, career planning, & more! 
There is no purchase necessary! To begin benefiting from FREE articles that exist only on sites owned by OUR company, simply click the "FREE ARTICLES" button above!  

Click here to have a job-winning resume created FOR YOU!

Q: What additional services do you offer? What are your fees?
In addition to creating job-winning resumes, we also provide cover letters, follow-up letters, Internet resume posting, storing, mailing, and job hunting services for additional fees. Most resumes are just $119.95. A full menu of options and their corresponding prices can be found here. 24 hour online customer service and e-pamphlets (featuring strategies for resume marketing & job interviewing) are included with every order at no additional charge.

Q: What if I already have a resume but it needs improvement?
Then we will improve it SUBSTANTIALLY! Our order form lets clients attach their current resume. Send us yours and our team of highly experienced, professional resume writers will transform that old document into a powerful, new job-winning career tool! 

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