ach WEEK that you are without a job costs you more than the price of our resume writing service!
How much do YOU typically earn per year? If our efforts get you hired for the job YOU want just ONE week sooner, how much will YOU have saved?

We are the only resume service that GUARANTEES YOU'LL BE HIRED!*
Other resume writing firms claim that their job is to only write well enough for their clients to get interviews. We, however, make it our business to work with clients until they are HIRED. If you don't have a job within 60 days of receiving our work, we'll re-write your resume, refund your money, AND pay you $50 extra!*

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Do You Offer Any Discounts On Resume Writing?
Once you've become our client and our team is preparing a resume on your behalf, you can opt to refer your friends & colleagues to us through your client account.  We will instantly refund $20 to your credit card for EACH new person who orders from us based on your referral. If you refer so many people that we owe you more than the amount you spent on YOUR resume, we'll mail you a company check for the difference. There is, however, NO LIMIT to the amount you can earn! Send 100 clients and earn $2,000!  (Remember: Referrals can only be made through your client account after you have ordered...)


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