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   HOW do we provide quality service so cost effectively to our clients? Simple!: Our rate for resume writing is $99 but, since many of our customers opt to add on cover letters, career coaching, and other services, our AVERAGE revenue per client exceeds $260. Typically, the amount of professional labor that goes into resume/letter writing is about 4 hours of dedicated time from experienced personnel. Their hourly pay is around $25; so our labor cost is $100 on average. Advertising and miscellaneous costs (personnel, banking fees, supplies, etc;) average $90 per order. Consequently, we keep an AVERAGE of $70 profit per client without sacrificing quality and enjoy a tremendous amount of volume from repeat business and referrals as well. Yes, some clients spend less/more than $260 and yes, some jobs require more/less time...resulting in higher/lower profits...but on AVERAGE, we keep just enough per order to profit nicely on a LARGE VOLUME of business --- creating impressively high quality work for our clients, competitively low retail prices, and a decent profit for us---It's a win-win situation for all!          < READ FAQ LIST