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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be directed to an order form where you can either attach your existing resume, complete a short questionnaire, or choose to do both. On the first screen, you'll be able to select any add-ons you'd like to purchase (i.e. cover letters, career coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, etc;) and on the next screen, you'll be able to make payment on our secure form via any major credit card. Immediately, you will receive a unique order ID # (via email receipt) that you can use when corresponding with our staff via telephone, email, or our client services interface.

Your assigned lead writer will reach out to you to introduce themselves. If you have no further questions, your resume will arrive via email AND also as a direct link you can download from your account on our site.

Throughout the resume writing process, you will be able to correspond directly with your assigned writing team, add additional services, maintain and update your submitted files, and more...

We've written more than 150,000 resumes for 150,000 professionals in nearly a dozen countries worldwide! Our client satisfaction rate has approached 99%! Nearly all members of our team have at least 10 years of experience working as FULL-TIME professional resume writers.

In addition to resumes, we also write cover letters, thank you letters, & LinkedIn® profiles. We're even one of the only professional resume writing services offering to provide in-depth career counseling & coaching via telephone!

Other companies will tell you they only guarantee INTERVIEWS but that they can't be responsible for what happens with your career thereafter. In contrast, we believe you are purchasing a resume to help you GAIN EMPLOYMENT not just to get interviews. Consequently, we GUARANTEE that if you haven't worked within 60 days of sending out your new resume & following the resume distribution tips we provide at no additional charge, then we will refund its cost AND pay you $100 AND we'll revise the resume to help increase your chances of success. You must file your refund claim WITHIN 90 DAYS of original purchase and provide receipts showing that you did send out your resume to at least 40 companies. Hardly any of our clients EVER need this refund--so why take your chances with a company who can't make a guarantee anywhere close to ours? We are a FULL SERVICE CAREER GUIDANCE COMPANY - offering many coaching and job search services in addition to mere resume writing thus, our knowledge & expertise does not end with the mere indirect acquisition of job interviews for our clients...We go all the way from the resume to interview to HIRING! Even without the guarantee, we still provide you with an impressive, professional resume designed to outshine all others!

Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days. Because our writers work around the clock, we are also able to offer FASTER service as well. Simply select the "RUSH" option on our order form and you'll have your new resume within just 1-2 business days! Please note that Senior Executive, Federal, & Military resumes require about 4-5 business days for standard turnaround or 3 business days if rushed. On occasion, we can complete resumes even more quickly when a special request is made. Use our contact form (or our "Live Chat" window if it's open/appears on your screen) to let us know if you need a very fast turnaround. We'll review writer availability and then let you know if it's feasible.

Of course! Please note, however, that since certain employment positions do not inherently require or even benefit from resumes being ATS-ready, you should still indicate on our order form (anywhere on the form at all!) that you'd like our writing team to ensure that your new resume is ATS-freindly.

We're extremely skilled at handling ANY career situation! Over the course of more than 17 years and 150,000+ resume projects, we've seen it all. We excel at assimilating previous career data to meet new career objectives and we're experts at drawing attention away from employment gaps and other potential negatives.

Our professional resume & career related services include but are not necessarily limited to: expert resume writing, attention-grabbing cover letters, interview follow-up letters, career coaching via telephone, LinkedIn profile writing/editing, practice interviewing by phone (*highly recommended!), optional HTML posting of your resume, "job hunter" contact lists, mailing of hard copies, and more. See our prices page for a complete menu of services and associated details.

Absolutely! Simply uncheck/deselect the "resume" option on our secure order form and choose only those items you wish to receive. You can order a cover letter, thank you letter, LinkedIn Profile, or any combination of our professional services without ordering a resume!

Once you select the "SERVICES" option from the menu above, you'll be given four service options. If you are a student, recent graduate, or have VERY little experience in the workforce, select the "Student & Entry Level" option. If you have years of experience in ANY field or industry (even if you are making a career change), select the "Professional" option. Similarly, if you are seeking high-level executive, military, or government work, choose the corresponding options for those. Please choose the "Executive" option if you intend to email us more than three pages of information prior to writing your resume.

If you're still not sure what to choose, your best bet is always the popular "Professional" option. If your resume does not fit into the category you select, our customer service department will let you know shortly after ordering and they will advise you accordingly.

Most of our clients find that submitting our questionnaire and corresponding by email represents the most convenient way to communicate with our writing team. In today's busy world, many clients find it difficult to be reached at the right phone number at the right time and that can cause delays in the resume writing process.

At ResumesGuaranteed, you're able to email our writing team ANYTIME via our client services center and get a FAST response. Our writers spend most of their time writing resumes -- so our online client service center represents the best, most convenient method of communication for all parties. Our online chat service is also a great way to communicate with our lead writer. We DO also offer career coaching with a professional career expert via telephone. The career coaching option and others will be yours to choose from on our secure order form OR ---in our online client services center.

- We GUARANTEE that your resume will be assigned ONLY to a seasoned full-time professional in the United States (or Canada) who works as an expert writer for our company.

- We GUARANTEE that we will make any necessary revisions to your resume. We guarantee that we will deliver it to you on time.

- We GUARANTEE that you will be working within 60 days of using our resume and distributing it to prospective employers while following our advice...or we'll revise your resume AND refund the full cost.

*You have 90 days from receipt of your original purchase to file a claim. All claims must be accompanied by receipts showing you submitted your new resume to at least 40 employers using our recommended methods.

As our customer, you'll be able -- at your option -- to refer friends to our service through your client account. We will automatically refund $20 to your credit card for EACH person who orders a resume from us based on your referral. If the sum of your credits becomes greater than the amount you spent on YOUR resume, we'll mail you a check for the difference. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn! Refer just a few people to us and your resume will be FREE or....better still, we may end up paying YOU for your resume! (Note: This can only be done through your client account after you have already placed an order with us...)

You will receive two easy-to-use copies of your new resume via email. One copy as a traditional Microsoft Word file and the other copy as a PDF file. In addition to retrieving them from your email, you'll be able to download these same two files from our client services center. If you experience ANY difficulty with either of these, our customer service department will be happy to assist you by re-sending them in alternate ways and/or formats! We will DEFINITELY get your new resume to you!!!

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